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         Hytera SW00046 Hytera encryption key loader package >5000
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Hytera SW00046 Hytera encryption key loader package >5000

Hytera SW00046 Hytera encryption key loader package >5000
Цена: 775 920 Р  

Hytera SW00046 Hytera encryption key loader package >5000

Hytera encryption key loader package >5000, with dongle for unlimited number of radios

DMR Tier II KeyLoader


The KeyLoader software is an encryption application used to define and manage the keys for end-to-end-encryption of Hytera DMR radios.
The keys are protected and can be defined and modified only when using a dongle and password.
To download the keys to the devices you still need the Customer Programming Software (CPS) as before. When using the KeyLoader, the keys can not be identified or modified with the CPS.
Encryption can facilitate secret communication by using a key tomake the audio signal or data inaccessible to anyone but those possessing the same key.


- PC with operating system: Windows XP 32-bit / Windows 7
- Portable and mobile radios R5.5 or above
- Repeaters R5.5 or above

Scope of delivery

- Installation program: KeyLoader V5.5
- Customer programming software (CPS). The key loader features are applied in CPS V5.0 or above.
- Net Framework and VC runtime, used to build up the software environment.
- Dongle driver and USB driver
- Adobe Reader
- Operation guide

Цена: 775 920 Р  


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